Urban Incubator: Belgrade*


P O L I G O N  project proposal: CROSSOVER


The idea of the project is to join two shores.


One is Savamala,  urban density

(Geozavod, Mikser House, Goethe Institute, Cultural Centre Magacin, Cultural Centre Grad).

The other is New Belgrade,  a field

(Park Ušće, The Quay, The Museum of Modern Art, Staro Sajmište, Park Prijateljstva).


The starting point of the project is the construction of two river platforms attached to each of the shores.

Main goal is to investigate and provide possibilities for cross-cultural growth of the whole area.

The nature of the structure is utilitarian. Referring to the scale of urban space in everyday life experience, the

appearance of the structure provides a direct and habitual link, weather be a first–hand connection by service

boat or, in broader sense, a possibility of spreading and exchange.


The aim of the project is to intensify movement across the river by attaching the New Belgrade open field to

the coming density of physical and program structure of Savamala. By building up instant activities new

programs will be encouraged, concerning visitors as well as locals (inhabitants and employées in this area).



* ‘Urban Incubator: Belgrade’ is alternative urban development project, initiated by the Goethe-Instut Belgrad and curated by German urbanist Tim Rieniets.





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